Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy Safe Money Making Online (12: Profit Clicking)

This Twelfth post is a continuation for "Easy Safe Money Making Online" series posts if you came here directly as a search result or a link you might wanna see the first post Here
Hello there
Today I wanted to take another approach to Making Money Online
This Site is widely spread and you may heard about it.. or came across it without fully understand the potentials it holds

It's called ProfitClicking

ring a bell?? 

Then let's ring the bell:
You see this site is specialized in web Trafficking.. (Web traffic is refereed to visitors to your site or any link you have an interest in promoting)

So how is that will help you if you don't have ANY link you want to show to the public??
In normal conditions I would tell you (yeah you right it's not your concern..) 
But this is NO normal condition

With this site you get PAID to see other sites 

How that work you say? 
Alright here is the principle:
-You get what the call Ad Package (the more your have the more earnings you get) each cost $10 (you have the right to purchase 1000 AD Packs per hour , to a max 5000 AD Packs per day )
- Each Pack generate money til it hits $15 within a limited time period (Basic Packs has 87 Days period and Premium Packs has 50 Days Both with the same $10 Cost ) Giving that you ONLY view THREE sites a day PLUS you get a 1000 Credit to any website you might have (that means you fund each link with a certain credit amount which will be used to cycle them in their viewing system..Number of credit deducted means that number has visited your link)

Now this is the common way and also the BASIC way but there are THREE more ways to earn money:

AD Package Referral Program:
This is the most easiest way to get paid.. All you need to do is tell your friends and family members to Join to ProfitClicking through your personal Referral Link
You get 10% commissions for every net cost spend Level 1 (direct Referrals) and 5% commissions for every net cost spent on Level 2 (indirect Referrals) 

That means you get $1 on every $10 spent by every referral you get directly and $0.5 from your referral referrals

PC Panel Program:
This is a unique extra way to get paid.. it's a Pack with NO limited time to be expired.. but once it do it will give you $60 NO question asked.. To force the expiration you need to finalize your panel
Now how do you that:
The fastest way in that you have a active referrals... the panel uses their 1st & 3rd ad packs to feed Your panel.. so their actions will cause your panel to finalizes faster
No active referral..OK.. uses your OWN ad packs.. the more you have on active the more it will be feeding the panel
If you do nothing (means you have no referrals nor you can increase ad packs ) no problem will be finalize EVENTUALLY but it will take time (few months to a solid YEAR)
How you get them: You either Buy them (each Panel Cost $20 and you only limited to 100 Panel a day till you have 5000 ACTIVE (Un-finalized) Panels OR you get a free one for Every FOUR expired Ad Packs
You get one PC Panel FOR FREE

Profit Clicking Membership Upgrades:
As any website.. ou need to upgrade your membership to unlock higher tiers of earnings..but a;so not with Normal style: You see ProfitClicking is also Selling Training Programs which they layered them in Four Levels of memberships along side some extra benefits:
  • PC0: Product: Upgrade Your Brain - Cost: Free
  • PC1: Product: The Big Success Breakthrough - Cost: $10 every month, Non-Commissionable
  • PC2: Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 - Cost: $57 every three months - Pays a commission of $28.50 per sale
  • PC3: Product: Killer Success Tricks 8-? - Cost: $117 every three months - Pays a commission of $58.50 per sale
Also you get Bonuses from attending live training lessons and reading their Tutorials and resources

OK..You maybe confused But since you still reading let's make and example:
We will treat this site as an investment: let say your want to start with $100 , simple enough for everyone with a Credit Card holder.AND you can register 5 under your level one referral and each one can add also 5 to theirs (meaning you will have 25 in your Level 2 Referral) Each one in your referral will use only $50 to fund their accounts (today's economy $100 is kinda risky :) )

Now with $100 you personally get 10 Ad packs (I recommend to Buy the Premium Packs )
Now you get from each pack 1000 credits ; that is a 10000 credits (in traffic terms your site will be viewed 10000 times probably by 10000 people)
these credits never expires you bought them but they are consumed ;)

Your Personal earnings are:
Now in the premium system you will get $150 after 50 Days and in Basic System (if you bough Basic packs) you will get $150 but in 87 Days 
Once they Are expired You get 2 PC Panels from 8 of the expired ad packs (you need to use and expire 2 more to get the 3rd one) each PC Panel once Finalized will get you a $60 that means that is $120

You Referrals Earnings:
Your referals will get 5 AD Packs with 5000 Traffic Credit and a returned value of $75 PLUS a FREE PC Panel from 4 expired AD Packs worth $60

Your Personal Earning from Referrals:
For every one in Level 1 $10 you get $1 that means you just earned $5 
For every one in Level 2 $10 you get $0.5 that means you got (0.5*25=$12.5)

So the results are as follow: Your Total Earnings ARE: 150+120+5+12.5= $287.5

And what did you do (you viewed 3 sites daily)
The more Packs you have the more earnings you get
the more referrals you have in Level 1 the More you will get in Level 2 Means MORE extra earnings and more sources to finalize your Panels faster 

So this is a site you need to add to your  arsenal as a profitable site
and if you are a little hesitate to fund your account
NO PROBLEM.. you know why?
Cause ProfitCicking are SO sure of their services the Giving you a Pack to kick off your earnings..test the site and see what's going on.. you get it once you join FREELY

So it is a wining wining situation for you and your contacts
Check it and start earning 


  1. Wonderful way of make money online. I want to do this job because this seems easy and I can work from home. Thanks for the information.

    Johnny Depp
    Make Money Online

    1. Glad you like it :)

      You might wanna consider funding and buying ad packs in the premium system
      it is automated and you get your profits in 50 days

      the Basic system is under maintenance and reviewing for the Profit-Shift
      (which means a certain portion for the active ad packs "if not all" are forced to expire and converted to the most profitable PC Panel)

      So take a serious stand
      all HYIP come and go yet Profitclicking is still standing tall