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Online Opportunity (1) : OneCoin: One Coin One World .. One path to Financial Independents

Hello Everyone 

Now if you are reading this topic then you maybe one of those few who realize that the internet is actually a good place to conduct Business 
But if you don't know where to start: here is a reminder of my earlier Press Release on how to find your place (What is Best for YOU? ) and (An Online Startup Wiki )

Now if you have No Opportunity in Mind: Allow me to detail some of the Most promising AND profitable Online Opportunities available now:

The First Opportunity I want to talk about is one of the most growing opportunity now on the most trending Field on the internet for the past few years which is Crypto-Currency 

Now Crypto-currency is a form of a medium to transfer (and to control the creation) of Units of Data Securely using Cryptography which then became the New Foundation to create new forms of Currency that is Decentralized and have no governmental control on it's creation of movement (So when to say it is the Next big thing and a moment to transfer wealth from Governments to people)
 The First ever decentralized currency is Called Bitcoin and although it started slowly but it became a sensation now 
this bitcoin was introduced by a developer (or group) by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and it started as low as 10 cent per coin back in 2009 (where it was latterly created out of thin air cause all the crypto-currency is virtual and has no mint form), in 2014 the 1 Bitcoin or BTC has reached a high exchange rate as $1500 per Coin

Now this HUGH success proved that there is a trend and great acceptance in this field so that opened the Door for alot of range of alternative coin forms and names to create a successor to the Bitcoin 
Now why you say someone want to create a successor to something that is actually been trending?
it's a good question; You see these currencies are not monitories nor created by governments nor it is backed by gold or assets (it is latterly in the air with nothing to support it) the more you exchange it and better value it become the low the demand is the more the price will drop 
So how it is created? It is created by using generation codes in servers worldwide (they maybe under control by people or companies) those generators are creating blocks of data units to represent the coin (but the more coins out there active the harder it become to find a new block chain to use to represent the coin) 
in anther word : you been in the generating process (or mining as it known) from the get go you horde so much so easy, but the more time you spend the harder it get to actually mine or generate a Full coin
and yes there are active Bitcoin mining pools on the internet for (seemingly a low cost) but when you see how long it takes to create a decent amount of coins you will find the profit may not cut it 
So here comes a new Company to create a new Form of the crypto-currency Called OneCoin:
So what is One Coin stand for: One Coin One World
To create a stable New form of crypto-currency and make sure the people are the controllers not tycoons or governments 
So what is so interesting about this OneCoin??
The company the started this project had one approach to creating OneCoin: Not to open the Mining phase till they have a certain numbers of participants in the actual phase (So the company is Just a house for the Generating code but the Miners are actually the people)
But they had a certain difficulty is to How to reach those people?
The joined Forces with Former Conligus Owner (who actually decided to throw away his success to support the project by merging Conligus under OneCoin)
SO the special about OneCoin is that it STILL in Mining phase (so you can horde as much coins as you want )
sound nice right BUT here is the Catch: Now Bitcoin although it is a success yet it has a drawback: first it was a mean of Fast Cash not investment (so the $1500 high was actually A one time thing ) the Second (which is actually tide to the reason why the $1500 was a one time thing) that now Bitcoin has gone to the same road of the Fiat currency and that is Inflation (more pool rising and generating new coin slowly but it is still getting new coins) and now the Bitcoin worth $200 - $500 depend on the exchange and the community 
OneCoin want to avoid that so there is ONE Rule at play here: OneCoin wants to generate (mine) 2.5 Billion OneCoin out of the Source Code
(What will happen after that you say)
The Mining Will STOP!!
No more Onecoin will be generated NO MATTER WHAT!
After that the Onecoin will go to the Public (which is expected to be traded in 50 euro per coin as a start but it maybe more )
So you chance is to get to the mining NOW
How to get to the mining?
You register in OneCoin website (Click Here)
And You purchase a package:
Now the packages Contain Tokens , Those Tokens are like Slot exchange to open more mining slots for yourself (more slots means more coins)
So what will happen when the tokens are done and you want more 
You simply go to the internal exchange center and buy more tokens 
Ok so far so good but there is more 
You get a sponsoring link to send to your contacts and friends so they join you in the mining
You get 10% commissions from and DIRECT signup (commissions depend on Package Purchase)
You get 10% commission from INDIRECT signups (signups from your direct signups) 
that 10% is split to 60% to your Cash account (so you can withdraw it if you want) and 40% to your Trading account (so you can buy even more tokens without keep adding funds from your pocket)
You also get educational section :
The One Academy (where you actually learn everything from history of crypto-currency to methods of trades and how to predict future profits and more)
And the Education in Mandatory (you need to pass the level to get access to some of the Site sections)
Why? So you don't keep losing before you create profits..The company wants educational minds to better understand the world of finance AND the trading techniques which can be applied to ANY trading platform :)

So it is a Win-Win situation:
You mine , You educate yourself, and you make money ALL in one place
The best strategy is: you get you package NOW and atleast promote you link till you get your basic investment (now there is nothing stopping you )
And YOU can upgrade you package  ANY time and always you get more educational levels AND more tokens to use in the mining 
If I bored you I am sorry.. This is a promo for the Company .. Hope you enjoy this Press Release and wait for MORE opportunities :)

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An Online Startup Wiki

Good morning / Evening to All online ventures 

Now if you are reading this topic then You maybe one of those few who realize that the internet is actually a good place to conduct Business 

But if you don't know where to start: here is a reminder of my earlier Press Release on how to find your place ( What is Best for YOU? )


Now You have decided Your Niche and where you wanna join it depends:

- if you are in the Affiliate Marketing alot of sites offers their memberships for free

But if you decided to go for MLM and other ways (like Forex and Stocks) you maybe face a small rankle, and that is:

Do you have any Money ONLINE?? 

How to start online:-

Like any business you need to keep a way for Funds to reach out there.. the most common way is to be ready to use you Visa / MasterCard Debit Cards online

if you have then cool you are ready

But there are those who say: I have a bad credit score or I don't have a Card or even my country don't have those Services (I know how is that feels myself)

okay the Second Most common way is to use Paypal Online payment processor (they act like medium between the place you wanna pay in and your bank account while keeping your bank account and Cards details safe) and MOST online tasks sites actually pays your earning through Paypal (and it is FREE to open)

if you are long enough online you might find Paypal not that much reliable when it comes to handle large money of actually base you business on

I mean Yeah they are very popular and almost all businesses online support payment through it BUT if you notice they don't keep ALL their transaction through it although it is capable) for example "Visa and MasterCard Processing take place through Other company although Paypal support Card processing"

mostly because Paypal has a very long country blacklist plus sometimes they hold funds longer than needed when dealing with large amounts 

Yeah I know they all sound negatives and grim (bare with me ; cause you need to know what you are throwing yourself AND pocket into)

So let's see first what do you OR alteast must have before going online:

- You need to have a Bank account ( or have access to one; like  a friend and so on)

- You need to have your sight and plans to what you wanna do online ( or it will be a waste of money BEFORE a waste of time)

- and mostly you need to have you paperwork ready inside your drive (Governmental photoed ID OR Passport and a prof of residents like an addressed Bill or a Bank statement )

*Why the paperwork you say: when you sign-up with an online opportunity or any site that deals with money they want to know they actually dealing with a person not a Fake or a crock or someone want to use their site to a bad end (after all all sign-up are like Partnership cause you will be representing those opportunity so they need to know that you are legit and a confirmation for residents usually for shipment purposes 

OK.. you are almost there:

now say you found a site and after registering you found a membership that suits your plans costing $50

BUT no means to pay it or purchase it :

Most sites that want to be spread fast and with no borders they actually give you a Unique link that only like to your account and let you promote their opportunity and actually get commissions over any membership that occurs throw users that actually signup through your link 

(nice so you can tell people to purchase and wait til you get enough money and buy the membership)

But let say you have the $50 in hand "not online" and want to buy the membership BEFORE promoting and you still have not means to go online, then what??

few years back I would say (borrow a card from a friend)

But now it is much easier:

You see due to the increased of the credit Cards frauds in the past 10 years a new form of cards appeared and that is the Prepaid Cards that you Fund it first THEN use it (which minimized the losses of money get stolen thanks to the little exposure to the Bank account when using these cards) then this opened the Door for Virtual Prepaid Cards (not plastic but as authentic as the physical one primarily for ONLINE usage ONLY)

Now if you noticed while looking up opportunities almost all of them offer a MasterCard when you become a member (so you only need to pay for the membership or packages ONE TIME to get that)

The site (which the link is provided in this press release ) is one of the most trusted and long running sites online 

Goal: make Visa Card available to EVERYONE

the idea is simple: they offer Virtual Prepaid ONE TIME USE Visa Card in predetermined Value (now the offer $10 , $20, $50, $100 & newly added $200 and $500)

Nice any of those and you can pay ANY Startup package

Now how to get them: you need to open an account in on of those two sites Perfect Money and Webmoney Transfer

They are Payment Processor (Same like Paypal) but has limit to none blacklist BUT they need to get yourself verified identity to be able to use ALL there features

After you verified your identity and got yourself a verified account then on to Funding your account:

the easiest way is bank transfer (you just access your account and ask for Funding or deposit of Top-up then you follow instructions) usually they give you a details for their account and ask you to initiate a wire transfer with a Note detailing your account with them ) this takes 2 to 4 WORKING days to fulfill 

(the fastest is by debit Card then again you don't have that :p )

Now you got your account funded, now go the the site linked above and chose the visa Card the suits your need and click on which processor you got funded 

make sure you have enough money to purchase 

Not in case Perfect Money after the details are fulfilled and payment is done you MUST click on return to merchent button to conclude the deal

you will receive from this transaction ( Card Number, expiration Date and cvv2 Code) read their FAQ to get more info

in Webmoney you can ask for Physical or Virtual Card to be issued and linked to your account to be re-funded again (but I think most cards they have are in Russian Ruble)

so now all you need to so is go and Purchase your product /membership/Package from the site you want to work with and get yourself settled

BUT what if you don't have ANY MONEY to send online or don't have access to a bank account :

Well I don't want to recommend it at first but I recently came across a lending community (they lend you the money you want and expect it back in a certain period with an extra percentage)

here you Go Webtransfer


This isn't a license to borrow and run away NOR a gambling opportunity 

you won't be able to do anything if you haven't verified yourself 

this community are consist of people who believe it is everyone right to work online but not everyone can place money online so they give you the first step, so please don't ruin it if you are not sure what are you doing

if you want a good start to create money online with money you borrowed try this site

the Idea is simple: you purchase a package with $10 that contains 200 Advertise Credit (they call it traffic exchange you place a site or link in the system and fund it with those credits 1 view=1 credit)

Now you go to the Traffic Exchange and click view Ad : the object that you visit the sites are displayed and stay on that site for like 10 - 30 sec then go the next one and so on ( how many sites determine by the No. of active packs )

and after 84 days (or less depend on the membership) the ad pack expires and return $15 ; so you get your money pack with $5 revenue 

(you can have up to 3000 active ad pack at the same time , each one will returnthe $10 with $5 revenue ) 

and after the 4th pack expires you get a free AD Panel

(to simplify the idea, the Ad pack is a package that gillied with credit and you empty it after 84 days of usage , the AD Panel however is an empty Package you need to fill it with ad panels and ad packs of yours and your referrals ) after the Ad Panel expires you get back  $60 to your balance 

so say you have $100 and you bought 10 ad packs at once:

-when they expire you get back $150 + 2 free Ad Panels

- when the Ad Panels expires you get $120

Not bad for a starter I think :)

your $100 ==> 150+120 = $270

there are more in the site you just dig in it deeper :)

so few months on this site you can do whatever you want online I think :)

(the site accepts Perfect Money Funding , but remember when you Fund through a processor you get your earnings through the SAME processor No exchanging )

To maximize the profit open an account in every processor and fund through them..

I hope you find this PR enlightening 

and hope to read your comments and questions as well :)

If I got you bored I am sorry .. watch this video it may help you Why to consider online business

What is BEST for YOU??

Hello everyone

A nice start for a day, and here is a clear morning with a nice breeze in my country.

everyday we all start with a question: What is the best for ME?

a sarcastic answer would be: A Million Dollar in my bank account would do the trick

30 or 40 years ago would be really hard even to comprehend

(you maybe even get a slap on your face just to be "realistic" in your thoughts)

but now we are in an age that such idea isn't that hard if you really focused your effort to it

So how to get there??

Simple: You just focus in an opportunity that suits your fantasies

What fantasies you say?

Well it is a concept sort of speak: How you see yourself as a successful Leader

?What are you doing and how you are motivating others to follow suite

(if you aren't brave enough to live those moments in your mind you aren't brave enough to seize the opportunity even if it was the Prefect one)

But how to choose the opportunity in times that there are SO MANY?

the basic answer is you should know how to EVALUATE the opportunity and Pick one that Suits your envisioned future

it's like this:

- If you saw yourself in a stage holding a mic and talking to the public crowd and\or empowering fellow teams: then Network Marketing or MLM (multi-Level Marketing) is a good place for you (some effort with long term and abundant income stream)

- If you are a visionary that sees a problem and think for a solution and founds it, but can't handle live crowd: Internet Selling is a good place to start

- If you are a good in convincing other for a product and they take your advice seriously but don't have what it takes to start your own brand: affiliate Marketing is your goal (you promote and recommend products and services and get commissions per customer)

- if for any reason you have nothing to offer ,there are even sites that offers job for some money you can start from there too

After you find the field that suits you, then what?

well it's kinda what your heart felt right:

Every opportunity comes with ideals and propaganda, So when you decide you will go with that opportunity you actually REPRESENTING the Ideals and propaganda that comes with it.

You don't get with an opportunity you don't entirely understand or convinced with JUST because they have a good pay-plan

That's not how it work!!

When you talk about an opportunity to the people you are selling actually the IDEA before reaching out to the product

not to mention that you name will be linked to the opportunity within your inner community (the last thing you need is a bad start that would haunt you)

So where do you see yourself?

-A leader with a team: then Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Selling are your field

-A pioneer or someone his name to be mentioned with a service or a product: Online Marketing is the perfect start

-A Go TO guy: then Affiliate Marketing is for you (cause there is no strings attached, you just promote a product that isn't to you directly)

what about gigs and selling services for hire or doing tasks?

well it is debatable: it does gives you good cash (As long as it is in demand) a good source for fast cash but it's isn't that big, i mean it won't get the house mortgage free or a new Sedan 

but in the other hand: it doesn't add you anything to your knowledge, just a task that you already knew how to do it and that's is:

the slogan behind online opportunities is: Fire Your Boss and make More Money on Your OWN Time

the Gigs and tasks are like employing for hire; you fired your boss to get SO MANY others

So fast money or pocket money gigs is a good place but it isn't an opportunity (Opportunity is something that potentially builds you a future)

So You picked the field and the opportunity: there is TWO major things you need to keep in mind:

- Remember that You are a Newbie, NO MATTER what is your Previous knowledge is: When you enter a business you need to learn from  those who came before you and Master their techniques then after that you Teach others that you may personally invite OR come from other partners

- You NEVER give up, and keep promoting

But what if You came accross multiple opportunities that worth promoting:

well if you can promote them all then so be it (but what they offer shouldn't contradict the rest, each one should be in different way)

if you can't then you just compare and pick the one that suits your community by either services and affordability

But they all needed in your community AND affordable then the best course of action is you make divide your community into the opportunities; whenever one team succeeded in one you present other opportunity to re-invest his earnings in it and so on

I hope I didn't Bored you with this

if I did then here is something to re-energize you 

Watch the video , and hope to hear Your intake on what I said

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Easy Safe Money Making Online (13: Karatbars International )

This Thirteenth post is a continuation for "Easy Safe Money Making Online" series posts if you came here directly as a search result or a link you might wanna see the first post Here
Hello guys
It's been a while since I wrote something new
Well most of the things now are the same ... Just repeated ideas and some lame ones
Now Don't get me wrong..there are some genuine ideas that are STILL active so far

Adclick Express (Formally Profit Clicking) With the Traffic Exchange Idea
Uinvest Nice old Fashioned investment way (buy shares from the projects listed and get monthly or daily revenues or re-sell the shares when they are up)
Bitcoin (Will talk about it in a separated Blog )
SFI (Strong Financial Income) A community For Affiliation Marketing and selling Online with HUGE features

So now I found Yet Another Awesome idea to invest your money.. and I believe it is the best way to invest for the future

It's from a German Based Company Called Karatbars International which the only work in Gold
Gold Is The Future !!
but  before I get into details a little history lesson So You all be in the prospective and fully grasp the opportunity that they offer :)
After the World War II was ended..half the world was in ruin (most of europe , some parts of the Soviet Union, and most of south east Asia )
So a rebuilding process is needed, not just in it's infrastructure but also in it's economic.. They needed needed a new economic system to support the rebuilding and sustain the countries connected to it.
So in a economic summit, they decided that the most effective way is they relay on one currency in all there international trades..and this currency will be the support with Gold and will become the back-bone of the entire rebuilding process.
So they chosed the US Dollar to be that one currency since the USA had much more stronger and stable economy plus the fact it started entering a golden Age.and tie the Gold to it by 35$
So the now all the world was buying US Dollars and then they use those dollars to buy Gold for their own economy , so in term this method guaranteed that their economy is indirectly supported with gold also .. and everyone is happy.
Well that was the case til the year 1971, when President Nixon decided that this economy system well only drag the use economy to a plumb, so he gave the green light for his "economical Experts" find and execute the best solution to secure the future of US economy.
And so the experts said relying on gold is ancient method and may not sustain the future globalization expansions, So they decided to convert the Gold Money (money supported by gold) into paper currency which we are using now; this conversion only paved the way for so many economical disasters and some are still brewing in the horizon cause now US Dollar has ZERO real value (other than it's painted value),
at the near end of the 90s some people actually started to realize what's going on and started trading their paper money into something solid that can bring them some profit in later times, these trades where mostly in Oil, Silver, and Gold

Hope you all staying with me :D
OK now let's focus on my last sentence (at the near end of the 90s some people actually started to realize what's going on and started trading their paper money into something solid that can bring them some profit in later times, these trades where mostly in Oil, Silver, and Gold)

Now they have the right concept these are the most wanted resources right now
but not for everyone, buying and selling in stock market is SOOOOO risky and the risks are even higher if you are inexperienced , plus for those who have the idea of saving they can't ship those items they sold to their home, so this is the solution but we need a more practical one

that's where our company comes to play
Now Karatbars deals in Gold
but not any gold, cause now in stock market the one troy ounce of gold is $1,323.60 and for you to do the right investment you need to buy alot of ounces and you may now be able ship them to your country or bank

So what does Karatbars offer?
they came with a new classification of Gold called Currency Gold

what is Currency Gold? it's a 999.9 bullion of pure gold in grams :)
see this Picture: that shiny thing in the middle is pure 1 gram of gold

now this card has multi-purpose function
- as obvious it slidify you liquefied money currency into a more profitable Gold that effected through out the years you buy this Card by less than 50€ and you can re-sell it later with higher value OR store it for the Unknown future in couple of years those gold grams will worth so much you can secure your future from now ; because basically Karatbars account is initially a "Gold-Saving Account"
you can buy and store your gold or you buy and order them shipped to you 

- Also Karatbars International created a K-Exchanger Program that shops and facilities through out the globe can accept those cards and payment methods, meaning you bought this card by 50€ but the 1 gram worth even more (let's say 150€) so now you have a card that holds 150€ to shop with :)

Plus Karatbars International have an affiliate program that WILL blow your mind sky high !!

You see; there are SEVEN ways to make money with Karatbars International
Five of them are actually FREE and available for any register user without spending a cent :)
The other two they are optional and require a one time purchase of a package they are selling (but ofcource the real money making are in those optional features )

will try to explain each one as much as I can :)

The Free ways in the affiliation program are :
Direct Commissions
Unilevel Bonus
Generational Bonus
Karatbars Pool
Karatbars Gold Fund

and the Optional Ways are:
Package Bonus and Dual Team Bonus

Now basically in the Free methods that are available to you that you get a Direct Commissions depend on you Ranking in the Company
You get 0.5% - 6.0% form your TOTAL sales AND your Organization Total sales as well through all the month and commissions will be paid 1st on every month
This graph shows you the Ranks , the needed points to achieve it and the percentage you are qualified for
With the Unilevel Bonus you start as a Distributor and receive points for each sale, from your own sales or from your whole organization’s sales. For every 2 Euro in sales you get 1 point, for 100 Euros in sales you get 50 points.

You qualify for a rank in the Unilevel plan on the achieved points in a certain period. The total points that you and your organization produce determines your rank.
Example: You achieve the rank of Bronze Supervisor (1% in direct commission) by earning 500 points. That is 1000 Euros in total group sales.
For this rank there is no time limit. For the rank of Silver Supervisor you need 1.250 points in a one-month cycle. This can be achieved by personal sales volume or by organizational volume. All points of your entire organization count.
From the rank of Gold Supervisor to Gold Manager, the ranks must be achieved 3 times within 12 months to retain this for life. Each time the affiliate achieves the respective ranks, the qualifying rank income counts for that cycle.
From Bronze Director rank, points and sales are achieved monthly to get the commission. Once reached you retain the title, however, the rank of Gold Manager is guaranteed, even if this has not been confirmed 3 times.
In addition to the direct commissions, you receive the differential commissions from the sales of your affiliates, if your rank is higher than any of your direct affiliate referrals.

To qualify for the directors positions you need at least 2 or 3 direct lines (direct affiliates) and a certain number of sales per month.
Example: As a Bronze Director you need at least 2 lines where one line generates 4000 points (8000 Euros turnover) and the other line or rather the rest of your organization 2000 points (4000 Euros turnover).
To qualify for the Gold Director Elite you need at least 3 lines, where one line generates at least 9000 points, another line at least 4000 points, and the third or rather the rest at least 3000 points in a month, and at least 200 additional sales and a qualified Gold Director in your organization.

If you have a Gold Director Elite in one line in your organization you receive a 5.75% level for that line. That means a differential commission of 0.25% on all sales from the organization of this Gold Director Elite.
If a second one from the same line achieves it, you get the level 5.90%. That means 0.15% of their total sales and if a third one achieves it from the same line, you get the level of 6.0% and thus 0.1% of their total sales.

to many confusing details right :D
but in it's core you only need to refer as many inspired people as you can :)

Now for the Optional side (this is where the Fun is :D )

You see the Idea of the packages are rather simple yet VERY powerful ones combined with the Direct Commissions

Now there are 4 Standard Packages and 1 limited edition package these days
the Standard are: Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package and VIP Package
and the limited one is Exclusive VIP Package

the Packages Contains the following:
1) Bronze : (at a Price of 99€)
• 1 x €100 Bonus Card
• 1 x 3% Discount Card
• Brochures
- The importance of gold
- Karatbars International
- The K-Exchange Program
- The Branding Cards Program
• Image DVD 

This package will automatically enter you into the Dual System and increase your status in the Uni-level System to the Bronze Supervisor status.
Within the Dual System you will earn:
• 5% Direct Commission
• 10€ Per Cycle 

2) Silver: (at a price of 234.83 €)
1 Gram of Gold
3 Bonus Cards 100€
3 Bonus Cards 3%
- The importance of gold
- Karatbars International
- The K-Exchange Program
- The Branding Cards Program
Within the Dual System you will earn:
• 10% Direct Commission
• 40€ Per Cycle 

3) Gold: (at a price of 581.66 €)
2 Gram of Gold
7 Bonus Cards 100€
5 Bonus Cards 3%
- The importance of gold
- Karatbars International
- The K-Exchange Program
- The Branding Cards Program
Within the Dual System you will earn:
• 15% Direct Commission
• 60€ Per Cycle 

4) VIP: (at a price of 1,561.49 € )
3 Gram of Gold
20 Bonus Cards 100€
10 Bonus Cards 3%
- The importance of gold
- Karatbars International
- The K-Exchange Program
- The Branding Cards Program
Within the Dual System you will earn:
• 20% Direct Commission
• 80€ Per Cycle 

The Exclusive VIP Package (at a price of 7,464.15 € ) is designed for the Entrepreneur who is looking to go beyond just working for themselves, and instead really create his own secure and consistent extra source of revenue. With this package, not only can you create an independent and reliable source of income, through earning direct commission and taking part in the Dual System, but you will also be able to encourage others to do the same.
The VIP Exclusive Package includes the following:
• 5 grams gold
• 20 x 100€ bonus cards
• 40 x 100€ digital bonus codes
• 10 x 3% bonus cards
• 15 x 3% digital bonus codes
• 300 x €5 bonus codes which can be used for the following products:
- Specialty Gold Cards
- Packaging
- Merchandising Products
- Goldcard Bundles
- Bonus Cards 3%
- Bonus Cards 100 Euro
- all Packages
- all Package Upgrades

“All digital bonus codes will be available on an additional USB memory stick.”
(Will generate 300 units and has the same Dual System status as the VIP: €80 per cycle and 20% direct commission)
As you can see, the Value content of the package clearly exceeds the cost of the purchase price.
Increase your revenue by winning new customers through utilizing the unique bonus codes and discount system.

In addition, when you purchase the Exclusive VIP package we will now offer an additional current incentive with a "Profit Pool share" in our newly created Karatbars International World pool, where you will be able to participate in Karatbars International's total global turnover. This also now creates the opportunity for an additional residual income in the future. World Pool Share Incentive will be only for a limited basis.

Pool Shares are determined as follows...

There will only be 10,000 World Pool shares … 
Each gram of gold sold companywide will result in .20 € (cents) added to the World Pool
Pool Position will earn also Unilevel commission each month on all gold purchases
Pool Position will earn Dual System units based on total sales from North American lines and European lines. Each cycle payout will be placed into the overall pool to be shared with World Pool share earners.

In Jan of each year, total commissions will be calculated and divided by the 10,000 available pool shares. For every share you have, you will receive the World Pool Bonus which will pay out in the first quarter each year.

Now as you may noticed the there is a new commission percentage and a "cycle"
here is the Deal :)
you see the Commission here is for packages you Sold Directly unlike the unilevel you get paid for a percentage from the overall selling made by your organization
Keep in mind that you won't loss the Free plans :)
You see the unilevel plans are paid monthly ; but the Dual Team bonus is paid Weekly 

now a little details and comparison at the same time :
- in the unilevel system your organization is lines directly under you in one line so you just concerned with sales made but in the Dual team system you entire organization will be split in to left team and right team
- in the unilevel you get paid depend on your sales that are measured in points but in the Dual team you uses Units
the following will show you every product and how much units it worth (add to mind that Bronze Package worth 5 Units)

Now Cycles work by how work your during the week; you see when one team makes 25 units sales and the other one 50 units that means you made one cycle (regardless whether you made the sells on your organization)

let's take an example :)

Suppose you made 2 direct sales, one a Gold Package and the other a VIP package. You also got 2 new affiliates, one on the left side and one on the right side. 
Your affiliate on the left side sells a Silver and a VIP package, that would also mean 2 new affiliates on your left side. 
And your affiliate on the right side completes two Gold and one VIP Package (3 affiliates), this would generate the following: 

Left side: Own sale = 50 units (Gold Package) + Team Sales 120 Units (1Silver and 1 VIP Package) = Total 170 units on the left side. 

Right side: Own sale = 100 units (1 VIP Package) + Team Sales = 200 units (2 Gold and 1 VIP Package) = Total 300 units on the right side.

 Because 50 units on the strong side and 25 units on the weaker side created 1 payout cycle, the calculation in this case is as follows: 
Right side = strong side = 300 Units: 50 = 6 payout cycles 
Left side = weaker side = 170 Units: 25 = 6 payout cycles +remaining 20 units which will be carried over to the next payout cycle. 
In this example 6 Cycles are achieved and this means 40 Euros, 60 Euros and 80 Euros per cycle or 240 Euros, 360 Euros, 480 Euros Dual Team Bonus according to the Package Status. 
Plus an additional Package Bonus for the direct completed packages. In this case 1 Gold and 1 VIP Package, which together generates a total commission of 10% (in this case 219 Euros), 15% and 20% (438 Euro) depending on the Package Status.

Now of you wanna see the FULL power of this system I ask you to watch this video ALL the way to the end (keep in mind mentioned prices in the video are old :p )
it's rather boring at beginning but the end will blow your mind :D

Now those are the highlights of the systems
there are MORE and MORE

Just jump in and be a member
and registration is FREE
and you still get paid commission even if you wanted to keep the package stage for later :)

So what are you waiting for
Join us as Affiliate and FULFILL your Dream

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy Safe Money Making Online (12: Profit Clicking)

This Twelfth post is a continuation for "Easy Safe Money Making Online" series posts if you came here directly as a search result or a link you might wanna see the first post Here
Hello there
Today I wanted to take another approach to Making Money Online
This Site is widely spread and you may heard about it.. or came across it without fully understand the potentials it holds

It's called ProfitClicking

ring a bell?? 

Then let's ring the bell:
You see this site is specialized in web Trafficking.. (Web traffic is refereed to visitors to your site or any link you have an interest in promoting)

So how is that will help you if you don't have ANY link you want to show to the public??
In normal conditions I would tell you (yeah you right it's not your concern..) 
But this is NO normal condition

With this site you get PAID to see other sites 

How that work you say? 
Alright here is the principle:
-You get what the call Ad Package (the more your have the more earnings you get) each cost $10 (you have the right to purchase 1000 AD Packs per hour , to a max 5000 AD Packs per day )
- Each Pack generate money til it hits $15 within a limited time period (Basic Packs has 87 Days period and Premium Packs has 50 Days Both with the same $10 Cost ) Giving that you ONLY view THREE sites a day PLUS you get a 1000 Credit to any website you might have (that means you fund each link with a certain credit amount which will be used to cycle them in their viewing system..Number of credit deducted means that number has visited your link)

Now this is the common way and also the BASIC way but there are THREE more ways to earn money:

AD Package Referral Program:
This is the most easiest way to get paid.. All you need to do is tell your friends and family members to Join to ProfitClicking through your personal Referral Link
You get 10% commissions for every net cost spend Level 1 (direct Referrals) and 5% commissions for every net cost spent on Level 2 (indirect Referrals) 

That means you get $1 on every $10 spent by every referral you get directly and $0.5 from your referral referrals

PC Panel Program:
This is a unique extra way to get paid.. it's a Pack with NO limited time to be expired.. but once it do it will give you $60 NO question asked.. To force the expiration you need to finalize your panel
Now how do you that:
The fastest way in that you have a active referrals... the panel uses their 1st & 3rd ad packs to feed Your panel.. so their actions will cause your panel to finalizes faster
No active referral..OK.. uses your OWN ad packs.. the more you have on active the more it will be feeding the panel
If you do nothing (means you have no referrals nor you can increase ad packs ) no problem will be finalize EVENTUALLY but it will take time (few months to a solid YEAR)
How you get them: You either Buy them (each Panel Cost $20 and you only limited to 100 Panel a day till you have 5000 ACTIVE (Un-finalized) Panels OR you get a free one for Every FOUR expired Ad Packs
You get one PC Panel FOR FREE

Profit Clicking Membership Upgrades:
As any website.. ou need to upgrade your membership to unlock higher tiers of earnings..but a;so not with Normal style: You see ProfitClicking is also Selling Training Programs which they layered them in Four Levels of memberships along side some extra benefits:
  • PC0: Product: Upgrade Your Brain - Cost: Free
  • PC1: Product: The Big Success Breakthrough - Cost: $10 every month, Non-Commissionable
  • PC2: Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 - Cost: $57 every three months - Pays a commission of $28.50 per sale
  • PC3: Product: Killer Success Tricks 8-? - Cost: $117 every three months - Pays a commission of $58.50 per sale
Also you get Bonuses from attending live training lessons and reading their Tutorials and resources

OK..You maybe confused But since you still reading let's make and example:
We will treat this site as an investment: let say your want to start with $100 , simple enough for everyone with a Credit Card holder.AND you can register 5 under your level one referral and each one can add also 5 to theirs (meaning you will have 25 in your Level 2 Referral) Each one in your referral will use only $50 to fund their accounts (today's economy $100 is kinda risky :) )

Now with $100 you personally get 10 Ad packs (I recommend to Buy the Premium Packs )
Now you get from each pack 1000 credits ; that is a 10000 credits (in traffic terms your site will be viewed 10000 times probably by 10000 people)
these credits never expires you bought them but they are consumed ;)

Your Personal earnings are:
Now in the premium system you will get $150 after 50 Days and in Basic System (if you bough Basic packs) you will get $150 but in 87 Days 
Once they Are expired You get 2 PC Panels from 8 of the expired ad packs (you need to use and expire 2 more to get the 3rd one) each PC Panel once Finalized will get you a $60 that means that is $120

You Referrals Earnings:
Your referals will get 5 AD Packs with 5000 Traffic Credit and a returned value of $75 PLUS a FREE PC Panel from 4 expired AD Packs worth $60

Your Personal Earning from Referrals:
For every one in Level 1 $10 you get $1 that means you just earned $5 
For every one in Level 2 $10 you get $0.5 that means you got (0.5*25=$12.5)

So the results are as follow: Your Total Earnings ARE: 150+120+5+12.5= $287.5

And what did you do (you viewed 3 sites daily)
The more Packs you have the more earnings you get
the more referrals you have in Level 1 the More you will get in Level 2 Means MORE extra earnings and more sources to finalize your Panels faster 

So this is a site you need to add to your  arsenal as a profitable site
and if you are a little hesitate to fund your account
NO PROBLEM.. you know why?
Cause ProfitCicking are SO sure of their services the Giving you a Pack to kick off your earnings..test the site and see what's going on.. you get it once you join FREELY

So it is a wining wining situation for you and your contacts
Check it and start earning 

Easy Safe Money Making Online (11: Fairy Funds)

This second post is a continuation for "Easy Safe Money Making Online" series posts if you came here directly as a search result or a link you might wanna see the first post Here

Hello Guys

I have a Site from Fairy Land (or that what they are suggesting :P )
It's Called Fairy Funds
And Has very short timed Deposits with nice value return
they offer the following (in detail):

FF1 - 120% After 1 Day
Plan 1$5 - $500104.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,000106.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,000108.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,000112.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,000120.00

 FF2 - 75% Daily for 2 Days
Plan 1$100 - $50055.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,00057.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,00059.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,00066.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,00075.00

 FF3 - 300% After 5 Days
Plan 1$5 - $500130.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,000140.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,000160.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,000220.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,000300.00

 FF4 - 500% After 10 Days
Plan 1$5 - $500180.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,000230.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,000300.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,000390.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,000500.00

FF5 - 1000% After 20 Days
Plan 1$5 - $500300.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,000440.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,000580.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,000700.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,0001000.00

FF6 - 1500% After 30 Days
Plan 1$5 - $500500.00
Plan 2$501 - $1,000700.00
Plan 3$1,001 - $2,000900.00
Plan 4$2,001 - $10,0001200.00
Plan 5$10,001 - $30,0001500.00

So you see it is very nice plans and you can start small and get paid later on
the payment methods supported are: Liberty Reserve , SolidTrustedPay . EGOPay , Perfect Money

Hope you get interested
Please join by clicking the banner